Saturday, Jan 11 – Saturday, Jan 18 2025

Experience the Magic: Join us for an Enchanting Women’s Retreat in Breathtaking Costa Rica!

Are you ready to experience a transformative journey of rebirthing and untangling, and tap into your unique power and potential? A time for yourself to escape the stress and chaos of everyday life and immerse yourself in a seven-day journey in a tropical paradise that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and empowered!

For women who are ready to release expired stories and attachments, deepen their self-awareness, and make an impact in the world

Our retreat will provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime REBIRTHING Experience that will challenge you to master your life. During these seven days, the retreat will provide you with opportunities to deepen your inner connection, detox, and learn to break through your limitations and blocks as you step into a new model of human design. You will access the quantum field of energy to discover why you are creating the life you are living and start to be the change you want to see and create a new reality for yourself.

Our experts facilitators Jeanette Ríos, Joyce Haddad and Lila Lotus will guide you through a range of activities and experiences

All designed to support your inner alchemy, help you reclaim and discover parts of you that were once lost as you reconnect with your gifts, and activate your inner healer.

Join us for an experience that will change your life forever. The time is now.

Unwind and disconnect from the busy world. Allow this moment to be a powerful catalyst for reconnecting with your inner self, drawing from the profound wisdom of the sacred women.

Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica

1 Week Experience 

Saturday, Jan 11 – Saturday, Jan 18 2025

Recharge and inspire you to live your best life

Our retreat will take place in the stunning natural beauty of Costa Rica, where you’ll have the opportunity to unwind, commune with nature, and re-birth yourself into your heart.

Enjoy ECO-LUXE accommodations

Our promise is that you’ll leave this retreat feeling renewed, empowered, and ready to make an impact in the world. Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in yourself and your growth in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Deepen your understanding of what energy, vibration, and frequency is

  • Release expired stories and attachments
  • Deepen your self-awareness and connection to self
  • Tap into your unique power and potential
  • Connect with a supportive community of like-minded women
  • Explore the natural beauty of the
    jungle of Costa Rica

During this retreat, you have the opportunity to:

  • Release expired stories and attachments
  • Deepen your self-awareness and connection to self
  • Tap into your unique power and potential
  • Connect with a supportive community of like-minded women
  • Explore the natural beauty of Costa Rica
  • Discover and unravel your fears, blocks, and traumas
  • Dismantle your current conditioning programming 
  • Integrative nutrition program
  • Open and activate your throat chakra to walk and speak in Your truth 
  • Learn to listen and trust your intuition 
  • Learn to discern between your inner voice and the voice of others 
  • Learn to master your energy to shape your reality (You are the creator)
  • Understand why you’re stuck in your toxic patterns 
  • Release the attachments that are keeping you in a low-frequency vibration
  • Embody self-love and acceptance to become magnetic to love 
  • Redesign your abundance mindset 
  • Accelerate your desired destiny 
  • Untangle and cut-cords with your past



Glamping Accommodations in a Fully Furnished Bell Tent
To/from San Jose International Airport

Daily delicious, farm-to-table organic meals

Experience powerful untangling sessions that allow you to access elevated levels of consciousness, release and decode your past
Rebalance the nervous system, remove physical blockages and get in flow with several unique classes throughout the week
led by LILA LOTUS Esoteric Mentor + Channeler + Medicine Woman
Connect deeply with yourself and nature with this ancient modality
Integrate your breakthroughs with our specialized team of specialists
Bonfire talks, swim in natural rivers on the property and ride horses on the onsite ranch
Get tribal with powerful opening and closing ceremonies

Explore some of the most beautiful and nature-immersed waterfalls and activities.

The expedition will encompass a multitude of unexpected surprises and timeless adventures

You will partake in collective aha moments, excursions, adventures, waterfalls, horseback riding, mountain bike climbing, cacao ritual ceremony, and an extraordinary group of women who will become your soul family as you establish long-lasting bonds that will never be broken.

Enjoy comfortable accommodations and delicious healthy meals

This is a unique special moment to get to know yourself and improve the relationship with the most important person on the planet: YOU!

Spaces for this exclusive retreat are limited, so take the plunge and reserve your spot now.

We can’t wait to embark on this transformative journey with you.

Join us in paradise and leave feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and empowered to take on whatever life throws your way.

All-inclusive retreat

All meals, excursions, activities and beverages are included in your retreat  experience. Dietary menu is available for those with these preferences:
Dairy-Free | Gluten-Free | Vegan | Vegetarian

A Paradise in the jungle

Kinkara Resort is Located in the heart of Costa Rica’s lush rainforest, our retreat center is a peaceful oasis where you can escape the hustle and bustle of modern life and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

Once your retreat experience registration is complete, you will receive ALL the online booking information in your Welcome Email. You also will be included in our private whats app group.

Room rates, activities, excursions and all meals, beverages, and taxes are included. FLIGHT is not included.

Fees & Reservations

Click here to reserve your spot now and start counting down the days until you can immerse yourself in the natural beauty and transformative energy of Costa Rica. But hurry – spots are limited and this exclusive women’s retreat won’t be available forever!

Included in Retreat Fee:

  • Translation available in Spanish if you need
  • Preparation virtual and post Mastermind
  • Seven days of advanced teachings and experiences from our facilitators
  • All-inclusive resort – all meals and beverages are included
  • Morning and afternoon coffee and tea breaks between sessions
  • Exclusive access to our advanced community of like-minded woman and whatsapp group
  • Round-trip transportation from the airport to the Kinkara

About our Facilitators

Joyce Haddad

Spiritual Psychology


Hi, I’m Joyce Haddad, and I’m thrilled to join you on The Rebirthing Experience Retreat. Having personally experienced the challenges of an authoritarian childhood marked by pain, attachments, and abuse from my father, I embarked on an inner healing journey that allowed me to break free and reprogram my mind, emotions, and soul. This transformation enabled me to achieve both financial and emotional freedom.
Read more about Joyce
Allow me to introduce myself further. For the past 25 years, I have been an expert in untangling, specializing in spiritual psychology. My father got sick with a rare type of cancer that awakened me to learn more about the links between diseases, emotions, mental health, and how our brain, body, and nervous system are all connected with our energy system.

This awakening allowed me to dive deep into alternative medicine, energy surgeries, biology, and psychology. I was born in Venezuela but have been in the USA since I was 5 years old. I am a bilingual graduate from Florida International University with a degree in psychology and complementary alternative medicine, specializing in behavioral psychology, trauma, energy alchemy, and metaphysics. My own journey with my father served as a catalyst for a career shift, aligning me with my true passion and purpose—to serve humanity during this critical time. Throughout my career, I have witnessed the incredible healing of over 1000 clients, authored my book ‘Spiritual Divorce®’ and developed a powerful protocol known as the ‘Spiritual Divorce®’ under the methodology, of the KiiTH Method®. This protocol is a Quantum Untangling Method that can be applied to oneself and others to help release attachments, patterns, and traumatic currents within the energy field, emotions, and mind, enabling you to break free from the past quickly. It is the ultimate cord-cutting modality, and clients attest that one session feels like 20 years of traditional therapy. In addition, I am also a singer and songwriter of alchemy music, incorporating the frequencies of the voice to heal and harmonize the heart.

I am genuinely excited about embarking on this retreat with you and look forward to the transformative experiences that lie ahead. I have studied many healing methods and continue to learn every day, as our journey of growth and discovery persists until the end of our time. However, one thing is for sure: during our time together, I will ensure that you release any trauma you are holding, let go of any lingering attachment to past relationships, and alleviate any pain or struggle that you can’t seem to shake off. So if you are struggling with entanglements with anything this is your time to elevate and rebirth yourself in this accelerated retreat. Together, we will witness your metamorphosis as you embark on your rebirth. You will not be alone on this journey. Myself, Jeanette, and Lila are here to empower and activate you, enabling you to become your optimal self with our wisdom and yours. Our goal is to ignite your inner world so that you can shine as an example to the new Earth we are collectively rebuilding. I am truly excited to meet you and embark on this transformative experience together.

Jeanette Rios Evans

The Modern Curandera


My soul mission is to use all my gifts, knowledge, and love to transform lives as a guide to greater self-love and understanding so that we are all free to sing our own song from the depths of our soul. My mission has led me to you after deep soul searching, personal work, and extensive training so I can best be of service.
Read more about Jeanette

My path hasn’t been easy, and it’s all been perfect in leading me here with the tools to support others with deep compassion and understanding. I was born and raised in a small border town in South Texas. Early on, I discovered my passion for singing and became a champion mariachi singer. Rather than pursue my gift and passion, I went to college, moved to Miami, and followed a corporate career path.

It took me over fifteen years to realize the lack of depth and passion in my career, relationships, and life was literally killing me. I was so disconnected from my soul that my body began attacking itself, and I became ill with an autoimmune disease. As I struggled to stay engaged in a career that I had no connection to, I went from doctor to doctor without a diagnosis. I hit rock bottom after another relationship ended, I lost my job and my dog and knew something had to change.

My healing path began when I enrolled myself in the Integrated Institute of Nutrition (IIN). I learned how to diagnose and heal myself, largely through learning to love myself. I also became a certified health coach and discovered my passion and abilities to support others in their healing.

After IIN, I was hooked and sought out some of the world’s greatest teachers and modalities to support me in supporting others on this path. I became certified as a Reiki Master, Angel Healing Practitioner, Past Life Regression Facilitator and Akashic Record Facilitator. I graduated from the Energy Healing Academy in South Florida and to continue my lifelong commitment to personal and spiritual growth I am currently enrolled at the Initiations School of Mysteries and getting certified in Kundalini Body Work.

I found the courage to tell my story to other women, which resulted in the creation of I AM SACRED, a community now over a thousand women. Through I AM SACRED, I lead in-person and virtual sister circles, group coaching programs, and retreats.

In my work, I connected to my Curandera (medicine woman) lineage, diving deep into sacred knowledge, plant medicines, and many other ancient and modern teachings. I’ve now fully embodied my gift of song as a medicine music singer, recording music and singing in festivals and ceremonies around the world.

My partner Brandon Evans and I have similar missions in the world, and I’m so grateful that I get to do this work with him. Together, we have manifested a beautiful life in Costa Rica, surrounded by lush landscapes and conscious community. Our passion for creating positive change has allowed us to make a meaningful impact on the community around us.

Our life is rich in so many ways, including the blessings of our first baby girl, Spirit, and our two dogs, Moti and Tedi. Our lives are filled with joy, adventure, and peace. And the past five years have been the most challenging, humbling, and enlightening of my life. These challenges have been my greatest teacher, and each day, I learn how to use the tools I’ve developed to support me and my clients.

These past five years, I’ve been on a long fertility Journey and had to face the possibility that I might never be a Mother. It weighed on my relationship, my work, and my identity. Through it all, my beliefs, guidance, and commitments have all been strengthened. My desire to support women through all the unique challenges we face has been emboldened even further.

My Journey has given me so much. I am so here for you, sister, and honored to serve in any way I can!

Lila Lotus

Sacred Plant Medicine Team


Esoteric Mentor, Channeler, Writer, Certified Tarot Reader, Certified Practitioner of NLP, Reiki Master, Motivational Speaker, Akashic Records Facilitator, Past Life Regressions Facilitator, Angel Healing Practitioner, Ancestral Medicine Facilitator, Yatiri & Amauta (Andean Priest and Healer), Accountant with an M.B.A., and a Master in Environmental Sciences. Lila is the creator and mentor of Initiationis School of Mysteries, the Energy Healing Academy, High Priestess - The Sacred Training, creator of The Healer’s Journey spiritual retreats, and founder and president of Project Pachamama Non Profit Organization.
Read more about Lila
Lila has over 15 years of experience in alternative healing for Body, Mind & Spirit. She teaches and guides groups, private clients, to help them create a balanced life full of abundance, health, purpose and inner peace. She leads classes, workshops and retreats.

Born and raised in Bolivia, Lila comes from a family with Amazonian Shamanic lineage (Guarani nation) that opened her the doors to Natural Medicine of Ancestral People from South America. Additionally, she had the opportunity to explore Europe, North Africa, Asia, American continent, and more than 70 countries learning alternative healing techniques from different teachers on Planet Earth.

Her heritage on ancestral healing, her path around many countries, her professional background, and intuitive inner gifts make her a complete mentor for your path of healing, living well and taking responsibility for your life on every level, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Your Journey extends far beyond the week we spend physically togther in Costa Rica. Your experience includes one virtual preparation session prior to retreat, 7 days of The Rebirthing Experience and four weeks post integration program and support to maximize the positive outcomes of your journey.

1 Week Preparation


Arrive in Costa Rica fully prepared for this transformative experience. You will participate in one online group session before the retreat that will help you set goals and mentally, emotionally, and physically prepare for your journey in Costa Rica. This session will also allow you to connect with the other women who will be part of your transformative week and the retreat facilitators.

7 days Retreat Experience


Be in the presence of this sacred land, surrounded by a community of like-minded women. Let yourself be fully present, deeply feeling the depths of your emotions. It’s a space where tears flow freely, where laughter dances on the air, and where vulnerability is not only welcomed but celebrated. Here, you have the freedom to unearth hidden truths, allowing self-discovery to unfold naturally.

4-Week Accelerated Soulful Integration


The real growth opportunities happen after the retreat. Being consistent and staying on track will help you create new habits and behaviors that support your new you. Our program is designed to empower you and guide you in implementing the breakthroughs and insights you gained during your retreat. We will support you in integrating these experiences into your daily life, allowing you to step into your power. You’ll stay connected with your new soul family and exchange wisdom and empower each other to thrive. You’ll be fully supported by our facilitators so you stay on track and implement the changes you want to see in your life.

We are excited to embark on this empowering transformative woman’s retreat with you. The time is now to re-design your future. Your gift is needed in the world and we can’t wait to see you Thrive.

Your transformation starts here.

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